Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's for Dinner

My friend, Emily does a great job of creating weekly posts.  Last summer she had a "treasured" series every Wednesday.  This summer she has a "Pictured" series.  It is such a clever way to ensure a weekly post.  Clearly, I am having trouble with that.

I am nothing if not a creature of routine.  So much so, that when I have to be flexible with my always plans, I tend to feel as though I am spiraling out of control.  It isn't pretty.  Deep breath.  Just thinking about it sent me into a bit of a tizzy.

Sunday is menu making day.  Yes, I spend about 80% of my time in my tiny kitchen.  Cooking, baking, and researching new fun edible ideas.  I've even, dare I say it out loud, gotten to a point where I haven't had a flop in a while.  Note: I had an Apple Dijon Kale salad planned for last Wednesday courtesy of a fantastic food site Bugdet Bytes...everything I have made from there has been great, but at the last minute I thought, no one is going to eat this salad.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I made kale chips and if you haven't, you should, too.

This long, drawn out story really comes down tot he fact that I thought I could share my recipes with you each Sunday because something in my research that I also try to find is someone to give me a menu to take some of the thinking out of it.

Sunday:  Pasta with Garlicky Broccoli Rabe and Sweet (or Spicy) Sausage
 - I received the broccoli rabe in my farm share this week.  It isn't my favorite, but I thought between the  five cloves of garlic the recipe calls for and the addition of sausage, I just might be able to tolerate it.  Also, I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be using the 1/2c of oil the recipe calls for.  I'm confident that I can get away with 2 TB

Monday:  Creamy Avocado and White Bean Wrap  This is not only meatless for Meatless Monday, but also a great quick, no cook go to.  I tell my kids the avocado is is really only a partial fib.

Taco Tuesday:  Cheesy Tortilla Cups    I tend to make beans on Taco Tuesday, but these have beans in them, so I might not.  But it is a great recipe that you should have.  I don't add the full amount of broth-- it makes them a bit watery for me.

Wednesday:   This is farm share pick-up day, so my meal tends to be determined by the basket.   This week it happened to be July 4th, so I am going to go on a limb and say we will probably be barbecuing.

Thursday: - Leftovers

Baked Good:  "Skinny" Honey Lemon Bars (Natalie's choice) 

On Deck:  Bacon Crusted Turkey Burgers, Peach Thyme Panna Cotta

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