Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Skies

It's so obvious: the title, the picture... But yesterday Natalie was at school (after a very long four day weekend), the Bro needed to take a nap, and I needed some exercise/quiet time.  So, I packed Joey up in the stroller and we headed on a short little jaunt around the neighborhood.  The best part of this walk is that, as impossible as it seems, it is uphill both ways- I kid you not.  As Joey headed off to a wonderful place of slumber, and I did my best to keep a healthy cadence, I literally basked in the sun and thought about how charmed my life is.  Here I am with my beautiful little child, on this perfectly gorgeous day-- 75, sunny, with a light breeze, seriously does it get any better?  I couldn't help but sing in my head, "Blue Skies Smiling at Me" and it made me happy.

I hope you all find your happiness today. 

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