Friday, May 15, 2009

A Day in the Life

7:30 am  - Roll out of bed after yet another night of interrupted sleep
7:31 am - Get the Bro Bro out of bed and diaper changed, first cup of coffee
8ish am - Let the dog out, prep breakfast for Natalie, if a school day make lunch
8:30ish am - Coerce Natalie into her room to change for the day attempting to influence but not inhibit her fashion choices
9 am - Bro Bro's 9 o'clock nap 
9:30 am - Bro Bro is up, fed, and changed into something dapper for the day.  I, too, need to get changed as well
10am - Pack it up, pack it in - out to the car, errands, etc.  Today we headed to Natalie's "interview" for school.  That's right, my four-year-old had an interview, application, fee...I don't know if I should brag or be disgusted.
10:30am - "Interview" ends up being yet ANOTHER tour of the school.  "They" say three is a charm.
11:20am - Head home, thankfully prepared with snacks, Natalie eats on the go.
11:50am - Arrive home, feed the bro, changed head out to "Spanish Culture Class"
12pm - Arrive at Spanish Culture Class only to find that the time has been changed to 11:15am.  Errrr.   Second cup of coffee ensues.  Head to playground.
12:15 - 1:40pm - Playground, sandbox, repeat.
2ish pm - Arrive home with massive headache.  Consume Pirate's Booty and Jelly Bellies in an effort to reverse pain.  To my surprise, pain continues.
3ish - Finally give in and take some pain reliever.  I must look really bad because Dan, working from home, offers to take the kids so I can lay down.  Mental note - need more headaches for nap in the middle of the day.
4-4:30ish pm- Get out of bed after being interrupted twice by Natalie's ice cold feet all over my body.  Bro Bro fed and changed. Down for 5 o'clock nap
4:45pm - Natalie and I head outside to color and play on swing set.
5:15pm - Bro Bro is up and we are back outside.  Natalie falls off the swing, kissed, pats, all better.  Quick bike ride around the neighborhood.
5:40ish pm - Get dinners started.  That's right dinnerS because I indulge my daughter.
6ish - Dinner on the table
7ish - Bro Bro changed, jams, fed.  Down for the night (ha ha)  Natalie in the tub.
7:05pm - pacifier back in bro's mouth
7:07 pm - pacifier back in bro's mouth
7:12 pm - pacifier back in bro's mouth
7:20 pm - Natalie out of tub, dried, jams
7:30pm - Natalie set up with shows, back to the kitchen to clean up dinner.
8 pm - "The dishes are done, man"  Natalie requests that I watch a show with her.  I comply.
8:30pm - Potty, teeth, Nat to bed.  Negotiate two short stories.  Rubbies.  Attempt to convince her if she closes her eyes and goes to sleep she won't know she is lonely in her room.
8:45pm - Shower
9pm - Load of laundry in, load of laundry out, fold. (albeit while watching tv)
10/10:30pm - Bro Bro awakes unhappy about something.  Soothe.  Back to bed.
11pm - In bed, read for fifteen or watch for fifteen, either way, I am only going to make it for fifteen.
1:30 am - Bro Bro up, fed, changed, back to bed.
2:30am - Little girl with cold feet nudges her way into the middle of my bed.
4:30am - Bro Bro up, fed, back to bed
6:30am - Bro Bro up, possible poop, falls back to sleep
7am - Bro Bro up, "talking" until 7:30 when I reluctantly roll out of bed - again.

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