Monday, November 9, 2009

Five's a Charm

This past weekend I was involved in the planning of my fifth, and hopefully final, wedding shower. I do have a few near and dear to me who are still unwed, and if they choose to make that commitment and want me to be a part of it, I would of course say yes, but let it be known, I will put on my best wedding smile, but only because I know it is the path to an open bar somewhere.

My big bro is getting married this February, I have been given the distinction of being the Matron of Honor for the third time, and mother of the flower girl for the second. (I am happy to continue offering up Natalie for weddings, as she really is exceptional at her flower girling duties.) Having this title means that you need to be super involved in dress choices, and flower choices, and hair choices, and shoe choices, and you get where I am going with this. This is from the girl who admitted just last week I don't even care if I shower anymore. Nonetheless, my brother is getting married and there are rites of passage that all brides must suffer...bridal shower being one of them.

The shower was in NJ, so planning/coordinating from MA wasn't the easiest thing I have done, but having birthed two children without drugs, it probably wasn't the hardest either. Mi prima favorita and I (and Natalie) are the bride's wedding party, so it was up to the two of us to make this happen. Location - free of charge...Thanks WCL Fire Dept! Food - free of charge... Thanks family members. But not everything is free...there was a peacock chair. A few things you need to know, Maria (the bride to be) not particularly outgoing so sitting in an over sized white wicker chair in front of 35ish people you don't really know, probably isn't her idea of a good time. Unless she were watching Twilight or some movie with Shia LeBeof from that chair, with those people. But Jennifer (prima favorita) ordered the peacock chair becuase that is what you do.

Ah the peacock chair. On Friday, Jennifer and I were ready to leave our children with my mother and pick it up. "Oh!" she (my mother) says, "I thought I was picking that up." Jennifer and I look at each other, shrug our shoulders and say, "Ok." That was our first mistake. Saturday, 12:15 my mother arrives to the shower (which is set to begin at 12:30) without a peacock chair in her possession. I will let you imagine how my Type A, controlling demeanor felt about this. Jennifer and I get into the car and head to Taylor Rental to pick up the chair that we knew we should have picked up the day before. As we enter the rental store, ripe with the smell of gasoline, we approach rental store worker with our receipt to obtain one peacock chair. "I hope we have one." If he was trying to be funny, this was not the time. I was set to unleash my inner Jersey girl, complete with accent, but alas he returned with the chair. Down girl.

Jennifer and I head back to the shower (it is now 12:26) hoping to get the chair into the firehouse before Maria can see what we plan to make her sit in. We park the car, get the chair out and start walking to the door, when who pulls into the parking lot...the bride to be. Here we are holding this awful chair from the 80's (the only thing of the decade that has yet to come back into style), and we freeze like deer caught in headlights. She's seen the chair! With that, we begin to run, chair in tow to pretend as though this scene outside has never happened.

Natalie and her prima favorita, Catherine

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