Thursday, November 5, 2009


A few weeks ago, Dan commented on a pair of socks I was wearing. They were these camel and turquoise striped socks that were way in the back of my sock drawer and the only reason I was wearing them, was because all of my other socks were buried deep in the hampers, which were overflowing with dirty laundry. His comment was something to imply that I used to wear fun and unexpected socks like this all the time. To which I responded, "I used to wear pink, too." But now I wear cheap black t-shirts from Target because by the end of the day I will be inevitably covered in food, or tears, or snot, and I won't have to care about my $7 shirt.

This sent my mind into a tailspin of things I used to do, those which were priorities in my average day, say like, showering. Yeah, I used to do that least once a day if not twice. But today, like many days, showering took a backseat to coloring.

And I do love coloring.

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