Friday, November 13, 2009

Thine Eyes Have Seen

I am always looking to find something that sparks an inner dialogue which I can, in turn, share with you. Lately, I have literally been looking at things, people mostly. My cousin, Alyssa (shout out) will tell you that I'm judging, but she is 21 and thinks it's ok to drink pink wine, so you can be the judge of her opinion.

So what I saw was this, a young woman, younger than me that is, with a fabulous shade of purple for her hair, but that is not what I found most striking. It was the amazingly accurate tattoo of Freddy Kreuger's face that was taking up the greater part of her right calf. I am not against tattooing, and I have worked for and with people who are tattooed from head to toe, but I feel as though (really hope is a better word) that one day this young, purple haired woman, wakes up to regret this decision and can purchase some Wrecking Ball to remove this disturbing tattoo from her body.

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