Sunday, April 4, 2010

So What Happened Was...

Ugh. Our house has taken in water...fortunately nothing that devastated us, although our neighbor has a canoe, just in case. We still had power, beds, warm clothes, food and most importantly each other, but enough it was enough water to inconvenience us and with a house that is split quite definitively into a top and bottom, all the contents of our bottom came into a top. The most inconvenient (for me, I am sure Dan would disagree) is that we lost our "playroom" which is really our family room. Natalie thought it was great that ALL of the toys were in our living room, me, not so much.

I was embarrassed to have my neighbor, who sees my house regularly, come into this mess. Her comment was, "Kristen, some people live like this all the time." I can check "not applicable" for hoarding off my list, definitely one less thing for me to worry about, but this clutter is AW-FUL! Things are stacked up on top of other things and for the past week I have felt so terribly for people whose houses were ruined and from which they were evacuated AND I now feel so terribly for people who must collect things within their houses, because this is no way to live.

On the up side, we have a new carpet in the office and will be purchasing some new sectionals for our family/playroom that has been rearranged to make two separate placed. HGTV would be so proud.

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