Sunday, July 5, 2009

18 Years

Eighteen years is a long time, long enough to go from just an infant to officially becoming an adult, long enough to get married, have children and change jobs multiple times, and certainly a long time to go in between visits.

Eighteen years is the amount of time that had passed from the last time I saw Carolyn. She and I went to grammar school together (when people still called it grammar school, it is all elementary school now). But there we were today, on Newbury St., drinking iced coffee, and catching up on the past eighteen years of our lives.

I usually have a lot of nervous energy when catching up with people from my past. I am not completely sure why this is, but I am going to blame part of it on my exorbitant caffeine consumption. Just to be on the safe side, I only had half a cup before I drove into the city. I tried no to make any assumptions before we caught up, but I did have running through my head, she lives in Manhattan, she and her boyfriend are not yet bound by parenthood, she has a job with Allure Magazine, which, to me, seems pretty fabulous. And here I ex-teacher, suburban housewife.

It is really amazing how much and how little changed in eighteen years. Obviously, we are women now whereas the last time I saw her we were in seventh grade and were probably playing the "sleeping bag game" at a slumber party. She looked the same, only grown up. And whatever assumptions I didn't make on the way there, were all quickly put to rest as we sat and chatted for two hours. It all seemed perfectly normal, like we do it all the time. It truly was a wonderful reunion.

On my way home, I smiled to myself thinking about some of the more vivid memories I have of Carolyn. The one that stood out strongest, which I don't know if she even remembers, was playing "recording studio" in her bedroom to "Eternal Flame." As I drove, I continued to think, I hope we don't wait another eighteen years....

Thanks for the great afternoon, Carolyn!

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