Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back in May, we spent a week in Disney World. (Dis-a-ney as Natalie likes to call it) There is not really all that much the I can get from Disney-- the trip, for me, was really about her and her amazement. The only thing that I did want as a souvenir was a cut out silhouette. Dan, being the doting husband that he is, said, "Whatever you want, Love." So, on the last day of our trip, Natalie sat very still for all of three minutes as the artist cut her portrait. At first I thought I would just have Nat sit there, but the second child in me came out, and the man was happy to cut the bro's portrait as well.

They are so perfect in their intricate simplicity. I know that is totally an oxymoron, but they are just that. Simple black on white but their features are intricately captured- Natalie's insanely long eyelashes and wavy pony tail and the bro's little mouth that is always open, waiting for something new to put in it.

I have hung them directly across from my side of the bed and I find myself taking moments to just sit and stare at them. My two babies forever captured at these wonderful ages.

My curious, intelligent little girl and my tiny lover boy.

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