Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One of Those Days

Today began at approximately 2:30am. That's right, I said AM. The bro and sleep weren't really getting along last night, which I believe is a direct result of the love affair they had the night before. I checked on him twice to make sure he was breathing! But by last night, they had broken up. Add to that, the four year old that snuck into my bed while I was gently consoling her brother and sleep was pretty much done for me. I didn't even bother to get back into my bed, instead I headed out to the couch in hopes that I could make it until at least 6am without baby tears or little feet kicking me. Such grand dreams...the bro didn't feel it fair that I should sleep if he couldn't.

Consequently, Natalie was up and out of bed at 6:14am. This is NOT normal. But today we are having a birthday party in the backyard, and much like a child Christmas morning, she could not contain her excitement any longer. In fact, she was so excited she couldn't even eat breakfast. If I were not already completely exhausted, I would revel in how adorable that is.

So bright and early, we were all up and out of bed. I made my coffee, which I actually NEEDED this morning, poured a drop of milk in it to find...the milk had turned. Clearly, I have pissed some god off. I don't know who the god of milk and coffee is, but he/she is not happy with me. What could I do? I looked in the freezer to find that we had some vanilla ice cream, from Thanksgiving? Christmas? Whichever, I was not in a position to be picky. Of course, this did not taste nearly as good as one would like an ice cream/coffee combo would. Again, I was not in a position to be picky.

Around 8am, the bro seemed ready for a nap, which I thought for sure would be significant since he had been up for roughly six hours already. During this time, Natalie and her birthday party exuberance bounded through the halls (hall really) in our house, I tried to iron a white shirt and the iron stained it, and at 8:30 the bro was back up. Seriously? Seriously.

I packed them up and we headed out to the grocery store to purchase new milk as there will be ten small children in my backyard this afternoon, and they may want to drink milk. And I can assure you there is more coffee in my future today. While we are out I figure, it is hot, I am cranky, iced coffee will make it better. And it would have but there was a fifteen car back up at the drive through and with two small children to get in and out of the car I was not in the mood to go inside. I growled and proceeded to exit the parking lot which would have happened much more quickly if it were for the two men who thought the middle a parking lot was a nice place to take a leisurely stroll and stop for a chat. Not only had a pissed off Coffee god, but I angered Pet Peeve god along the way as well.

It is only 10:50 now. Er.

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