Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boys and Girls

Back when I was preggers with the bro bro, a few friends of ours who had boys told us we were in for an awakening. I have to be honest, I disregarded this forewarning, believing that it was their parenting that made their little boys unruly (which in my own defense is partially true for some of them) I mean, I already had a child who was well mannered and well behaved, really how different could they be?

When the bro came home, we was as mild mannered as his sister, but for the past couple of months I have noticed distinct personality traits appearing in him. He pulls, he grabs, he slobbers, he squirms, he kicks, and he laughs at anything. It doesn't matter if it is really funny or not. For example, this morning I put the tray on his high chair and changed the position of the seat to sit upright and in his excitable little boy way, he gave me a goofy gummy smile and laughed at me. Natalie made us work much much harder for the giggles and was content with a few board book to play with. The bro on the other hand, ALWAYS needs to have something in his hands to examine, fiddle with, and ultimately taste. He is most definitely all boy in the way that our friends warned. He is in to everything. I have to be cautious of any little toy of Natalie's left out, because even if it is on the top shelf of something, if the bro sees it, he will maneuver a way to get it.

If you should run into us and want to admire his ridiculous cuteness up close, which you will, be prepared to have your hair pulled with a strength you would not expect from a seven month old baby. Much like I didn't really believe those people who warned me about the nature of boys, I warn people that he is grabby when they get close or want to hold him. They heed my warning with as much respect as I did of those parents of boys. Consider yourself warned.

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