Friday, July 3, 2009

The End of the Beginning

I don't deal well with change; I'm very Type A that way. I love new experiences and get bored rather easily, but there are some things that I find comfort in when they remain the same.

Tuesday was Natalie's last day at Bright Horizon's. It might sound familiar because Brad and Angelina send their kids....but seriously, it was her last day.

I remember so very clearly dropping her off for the first time, which wasn't even for a full day, but what they refer to as "transition days." At thirteen months, she was so excited to be with other kids that she didn't even realize that I had left her there. While I was happy that my child was able to adjust so quickly, this was the first time in thirteen months that I had left her with someone who wasn't family.

Bright Horizon's quickly became a home away from home for both Natalie and myself. I new the teachers, the other kid's names, many of their parents, the director. When I picked Natalie up each day there was Chase's dad, Oliva's mom, Peter's get the idea. But the time had come and Dan and I needed to make a choice regarding Natalie's education and this place I had grown so familiar with-- Natalie had OUTgrown.

And so in September I will start over at Oak Meadow, learning the teacher's names, the director, the kid's names, their parents, but I find solace in the fact that she may be there until she is fourteen. And the idea of fourteen is a WHOLE other blog!

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