Monday, January 11, 2010

Fondos and Fondon'ts, Vol. II

Fondo pay a professional to maintain the brows if you are a man.
Fondon't trim your eyebrows with a razor.
Another delicious fondue meal, with our dear friends Steve and Scott have led to yet another edition of Fondos and Fondon'ts. Honestly, I couldn't wait to see them, mostly because Steve had just had an "eyebrow trimming incident." Why he was trimming his eyebrows in the first place, I will never know. And I expected him to be minus an eyebrow or at the very least sporting some accidental nod to Vanilla Ice, but woe is me, they looked perfectly fine.

Survey says,
Fondo engage our abnormally extroverted table with conversation.
Fondon't give us your entire life story.
After being ushered to our seats we were introduced to our server, who did not give us his name, so I named him for us. He (the waiter) seemed to think that he had served us before, which I assure you, we would all know if Jeff (Steve asked him his name and yes, we asked if it was spelled this way), had served us before. I was hoping we would again have Jen with one n. Mostly because Jeff had a terrible habit of saying "Survey says..." before we ordered everything. It is annoying on the Family Feud, Jeff, when you say it, it isn't much better. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jeff Facebooks, and his parents got a D+ for his name; it was the 11th most popular the year he was born, but he has cousin named AmyLou, and that is really unique.

I fondon't know much about politics, but I fondo know about the Muppets.
The men at my table turned to politics at some point and Steve asked me something about someone and maybe I should have known, but the truth is, I didn't. I know our President and Vice President, the Gov. of MA, and some former politicians, (the big wigs) but really, I don't know and truthfully, I don't really care. But it was funny to these boys that I didn't know anything and couldn't name anyone, but I tapped into my high school self and came up with Ruttebega. That's right, the vegetable. Which my amazing husband was able to decipher as, Marge Ruekema. I already forget what she was, a Congresswoman, maybe, but I thought it was impressive that I came close with the name. While I didn't know any polticians, I was able to wow the table with my extensive knowledge of the Muppets. Jeff quizzed me on the members of Electric Mayhem (that's the Muppet Band). Jeff named the instrument and I named the muppet who played them. Needless to say, my dinner companions and Jeff the waiter were in impressed.

Oh yes they were.

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