Friday, January 29, 2010

So Tired, So-oh-oh-oh Tired

You were supposed to hear Paul Simon singing my title, just in case you didn't get that. Last night was so windy that I truly believed that a tree was going to fall on our house and so I stayed up listening to said wind in a total panic. It wasn't bothering anyone else in my house. Dan was sleeping "soundly" next to me and Charlotte slept "soundly" at my feet. But I tossed and turned waiting for the crash of one of our very tall pine trees. I thought about getting up and watching a movie, but it was also so cold, so there I lay in bed too awake to sleep, too lazy, tired and cold to get up. Then I thought if I am too cold, maybe Natalie is too cold. Maybe I should go check on her, but I was too cold to be a good mother. All of this thinking led me to toss and turn and silently agonize over my brother's upcoming wedding and the fact that Natalie doesn't have any shoes to wear and the bro doesn't have any shoes to wear and now I need to buy them both a pair of shoes that they are likely going to only wear once. Which is money wasted. Then I started to think about Natalie's hair for the wedding and since I have decided that a four and a half year old does not need an $85 updo, I am on my own to make her hair wedding ready and I really need to practice this hair, because as you all know, I don't even shower on a regular basis, so it is pretty clear that I am not styling my hair regularly or my child's for that matter. But I have borrowed curlers and I own a curling iron (circa 1989) and we (Nat and I) really need to just sit down and do this. And while I was in wedding panic mode, I worried about all those things that are out of my control like the fact that the wedding starts at the bro's bedtime and what type of mood is he going to be in and my bother graciously gifted us a hotel room, but we are going to have the kids with us, so that sort of sucks. And my dress is strapless and although this is more information that anyone really needs, should I bother wearing a bra? Should I get some under armor because I have had two kids and the dress would probably look a little bit nicer if I did, but do I was to pay for that too? Because really, when will I wear that again. ER. And while I am worrying about the wedding, what is up with the fact that my face looks like a 12 year old girl in the peak of the pubescent transition? All I eat are freakin vegetables? I thought that was supposed to be healthy and good for you? Only I am doing it and apparently my skin misses meat and fat.

And now I am tired. S0-oh-oh-oh tired.

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