Monday, January 25, 2010


It turns out that uber healthy eating can be uber expensive. Especially when you have two children who eat pricey berries by the pint. Now, I would never discourage berry eating, but something had to give. So when the Thursday circulars came in the mail, I sat at the kitchen table and tapped into the image of my frugal grandmother and started shopping the best prices for fruits and veggies. There were four stores, but honestly, I knew I wasn't going to travel to all four, I had to pick the best bang for my buck, which ended up being Stop n Shop, mainly because they had blueberries and blackberries on sale.

Now, it is important to know how much I do not enjoy Stop n Shop. I am a Hannaford's girl, all the way, but I took one for the team, tried not to think too much about the fact that I don't know where anything is in this store, I find it terribly frustrating while shopping as I am an admitted creature of habit. (fortunately I only had to really shop perimeter, so it wasn't that difficult) Ok, the real reason that I don't like shopping there is because the people handling my food are not the goofy teenagers and grandmotherly types like they have at Hannys. I will let you decide what types they are, but they are not that. And I have already outed myself as shallow and judgmental, so....whatever. But berries were on sale, and I am a team player. Nat and I managed to get in and out with only a few items that were not on my list, namely Girl Scout Cookies and proceeded to check out.

Being the good helper that she is, Natalie managed to take all the items from the cart, even the gallon of milk, and place them on the belt. They were scanned and the bagger kindly began bagging our items. She filled two of our bags and heaved one back into the cart and then with all the energy and strength that she could muster up and grunting for effect, lifted the next bag into the cart for us. Literally, if there were a way for me to write the sound she made, it would make for such a better picture. Not wanting to pull a muscle myself when I put the bags in the car or for that matter carried them into the house, I looked to see how much was in said bag.

Five grapefruit. Granted they were five giant ruby red grapefruit that are about the size of a small infant's head, but I need to remind you that my four and a half year old put all the food on the belt.

This is why I don't Stop n Shop.

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  1. Would it surprise you to know that my father LOVES Stop and Shop? :)