Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hidden Treasures

Sometimes I think I am running out of steam with this blog. I mean really, how interesting can my life be, but people keep reading and keep telling me that they like it, so I keep trying to find things to write about. And then tonight, without even asking, my little man did it for me. As anyone can imagine, our house is abound with holiday treasures. Not to mention, the bro's birthday was December 15th so we had, Chanukah, birthday, and Christmas all within two weeks. That is a lot of presents, for which we are greatful that so many people want to shower our children with this. We have puzzles, books, arts and craft, a Busy Ball Popper, which is noisy but oh-so amazingly entertaining for the kids to play with and for me to watch them play with it. But tonight, Natalie retreated to the basement for some quiet LiteBrite time and the bro, well, in true bro fashion made his own fun. As I washed the dishes after dinner, he dug through a bag of recyclables until he found the perfect toy. This photo doesn't do justice how he pulled every thing one by one out of the bag and upon finding he paper roll, he squealed in delight and crawled away. Oh, and he was so proud of his treasure, brandishing his paper towel sword like the true little knight he is.


  1. Zach discovered the paper towel roll about a week ago. He likes to yell into it like a megaphone. Why do we spend money on them?

  2. that is the cutest thing ever