Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

See this face? It looks all cute and innocent doesn't it? Oh, look at me in my cute little puppy dog hat, enjoying my first snowstorm....that's what he wants you to think. Don't let those chubby chipmunk cheeks and baby blues decieve you-- it is all part of his plan as he covertly and stealthily makes a faster than light grab for your hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee. The minute you turn your head or blink for that matter, he will reach without fear for the grapefruit knife. This little man laughs in the face of danger, literally, he does something potentially harmful, let's say, like, pulling a plug out of the outlet putting it in his mouth, and waits until you catch up with him so he can smile at you with his two and a half teeth.

For all of Natalie's four year old girl drama, I never really had to worry that she was going to take a header down the stairs...purposely, try to touch the blazing fire, turn the oven burners on, or stick her head in the toilet bowl.

It's just what little boys are made of.

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