Monday, March 16, 2009

10 Things I Don't Understand

These are in no particular order.  However, I believe number one sparked the train of thought as I "patiently" waited for her to saunter out of my car's way, and it just snowballed after that.
  1. People who walk in the middle of the parking lot
  2. Prematurely wearing warm weather clothes (flip flops and capris)
  3. Writing on the bum of girls pants and the mothers who allow this to happen
  4. Kansas...the state
  5. My brother's sense of humor
  6. How it is my child will eat any pungent cheese (blue, parmesean) but refuses to eat a plain old grilled cheese sandwich.
  7. "To Hell in a hand basket."  What does that mean?
  8. Binary code
  9. Plain old calculus for that matter
  10. Why the weight on my body doesn't distrubute evenly


  1. I agree completely agree with number 3. This also extends to middle aged women who have the word "Pink" or "Diva" written on their bum and think it makes them look youthful.

  2. i dont get number 7 either... it sounds like something mom-mom would say.