Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Confessions of a Cork Collecter

I am a closet hoarder.  To come into my home you may not notice it immediately, but I do suffer from this problem.  I collect corks.  First, I embarrassed to admit, but this is not all the corks, and I must disclaim that the collection has been amassed over at least six years from special dinners, dinner parties, holiday parties, etc.   This collection has traveled with me from apartment to apartment to house.  I have the best intentions with these corks, to make boards, trivets, useful accessories for the kitchen.  At times I have had delusions of grandeur thinking that with enough I could make a piece of furniture.

As of late I have been staring at these corks thinking that something needs to be done with them.  I can't throw them out and with each new bottle of wine the cork is not thrown in the garbage, but added to the collection.  I owe it to them and myself at this point to create something cork.  

Always looking for a project, I googled in the hopes of finding some cork collector support group or at the very least, some real inspiration to get a project going.  What I found was my problem is not nearly as dire as I thought.  One site suggested a heart wreath...made of cork.  Doing neither wreaths nor hearts, this was not for me.  Another site suggested using the corks as a baseboard in your house.  I believe this was from the famed Norm Abrams.  I am sure he wouldn't dare cork his baseboards.  Searching, searching, I came across cork trolls.  AHA!  Three birds, one stone!  A project that uses cork that will also occupy the three year old.  Life is good sometimes.                       

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