Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Long and Shorty's of It

Saturday night was a rare occasion.  The girls got together sans children AND husbands and headed to a little NH chain called Shorty's - A Mexican Roadhouse.  Without the whines and cries of our beloved offspring and "The Dans" befriending everyone who works in the restaurant, it was ALMOST as though we were back in college. 

  • College roommates don't mind if you take notes during dinner.  In fact, they encourage it.

  • You will be made fun of if you chose to order a Caesar salad at a Mexican restaurant, even if you can get it as a wrap.
  • After a margarita and a half it is hard to read a menu with no pictures on it.
  • Chinglalingas is a dirty dish to publicly display under appetizers.  

  • Necesito escribir en espanol porque soy una baracha!
  • If something is advertised as "con fajitas" does that mean that it comes with an entire side of fajitas? 

  • What is the difference between being buzzed and just having a plain old good time?

  • If you are going to be an overattentive server, we would appreciate that the drinks come a little more quickly and you care less about what food we are going to order.

  • After a few drinks, Captain Obvious braces us for the fact that she is thinking about changing careers....again

  • Leave it to Holly, of all people, to say the most poignant thing of the night, "Life has changed, but we have not."  Which she then sealed with a manly belch.

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