Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today I turn 31.  That number seems to sink like a cement block when I say it-- it has to be the most anticlimactic age.  It falls after a milestone like turning 19 or 22, but even then, I was  young and there were super exciting aspects of life ahead of me.

Last year, I was so sad that my twenties were ending because they were so, so good.  But the girls and I celebrated our thirtieth birthdays for three months straight-- celebrations from which we should still be hung over, and that seemed to sufficiently numb the pain of entering my thirties.  Now we are turning 31 and there are no parties; it is a quick phone call between running errands.  "I wanted to wish you a happy birthday before I forgot..."  How depressing. 

So, originally I thought I would research and find 31 fun facts about 31...I found two.  Baskin-Robbins of course has 31 flavors and 31 is a prime number. Woo hoo.

Then I thought 31 fun facts about me.  I stared at the number 1 for about 31 minutes before I moved on to a new thought.  Even more depressing than turning 31 is that I couldn't even think of 1 interesting thing about myself.  So sad.

It is a new decade that I need to embrace and I know there are many exciting things before me, so I will start a new trend... 31 is the new 22.

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