Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Tonight, at the dinner table, I couldn't mask some abdominal pain I was feeling.  I took a couple of deep breaths and bent over (to acheive what, I don't know).  Perhaps I thought if I moved around, I would somehow shift whatever internal organ was paining me at the moment.  Dan looked at me and asked if I was having a silent heart attack.  I think he was kidding, but the pain in my abdomen was quickly forgotten as I began to feel a tightening in my chest.  No, I was not having a heart attack, panic attack maybe - there is something new I need to worry about?  It wasn't enough that I worry about having a stroke, now I have to worry about a silent heart attack?  I added it to my list of things that could make any person go insane - another thing to fret over, should I be medicated?Does this makeup have SPF?Do these articles of clothing have SPF?Face, Arms, Speech, Time - am I having a stroke?Will this lower our cholesterol?Do I drink too much caffeine? Aspartame? Sucrolose? High fructose corn syrup?Partially hydrogenated oil?Fully hydrogenated oil?Low fat?Low carb?Sugar free?Glutten Free?Whole wheat?Whole grain?Multigrain?

My mind went into a complete paranoid tailspin.

Did June Cleaver ever serve skim milk rather than whole becuase Ward and the boys had high cholesterol? Was Carol Brady micromanaging- making sure that Alice's porkchops and applesauce were no sugar added and organic?  It all used to seem so simple.

I may not be having a heart attack at the moment, but my head hurts.  

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