Thursday, April 30, 2009

Travel Plans

I am not what you would call and avid traveler.  But when I was younger, my parents took us on some significant trips - mostly cruises.  They seemed to be a big fan of hitting the open waters on a luxury cruiser.  These days I would be less inclined with the threat of dysentery and the rise of missing newlyweds, but again, not really my point. 

I believe it was a cruise along the west coast of Mexico that is now infamous for my father's kelly green pants.  As it would turn out, our luggage never made it from the tarmac to the cruise ship.  Being that we were headed to somewhere "tropical", my father was dressed to the nines in kelly green pants, pants which he would be stuck wearing for a few days.  After that trip, the Dattoli's made a point of always packing essentials in our carry-on.  This included all important toiletries, a change of clothing, underwear, et al., and a bathing suit, so that we would never be stuck in kelly green again.

It was years later that my luggage was once again lost.  Fortunately, it was on the way home from my honeymoon in Barabados.  If your luggage is going to be lost, this is the time to lose it - I was going home to all my other, non-tropical clothing that I left behind in my closet.  As my husband and I waited to see what the deal was from the (insert tone of sarcasm) fully capable airport employees, we learned that our luggage was held up in Philadelphia.  A connection, by the way, that had us literally sprinting from our connection flight (insert sarcasm) while fully capable airport employees assured us our luggage was all set.  From the back of the crowd we heard a woman's voice, "Oh No!  There is fish in my luggage!"  

As I am preparing to head to Florida for seven days with my children, I am living on the edge and not packing very much in my small carry on (diaper bag) but diapers, and necessities to keep Natalie occupied for the two and a half hour trip.  I know that this is incredibly risky, but since my luggage has not been lost in seven years, I am willing to take the chance.  And we are going to Disney World, the American symbol of commercialism.

While I may not be prepared with anything other than a Visa, there are two things that are certain:

1.  None of my family will be dressed in bright green clothing.
2.  Any fish we purchase will be shipped to the house directly.

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