Friday, April 3, 2009

Natalie's Garden - A Work in Progress

I have made a major breakthrough regarding my issues with commitment and went ahead and painted away on Natalie's wall.  I took my pencil sketches and colored them, so I had a very clear and concrete image of what I wanted.  When I finally started to paint, I was at first I very careful to use my chalk outlines as a guide (which were there for over a week as I wavered whether or not to even complete this project).   With Joe Joe the Bro Bro as my cheerleader, cooing me into confidence and the soft lyrics from Rites of Passage, the irony of which was just noted now as I reflect, I went ahead and added more flowers.  These additions were totally freestyle, although they repeated flowers already designed.  It was liberating.  I mean obviously I knew that I could do it, otherwise I wouldn't have attempted it in the first place.  To undo what was done would be even more work.

Upon Natalie's arrival home, I told her to check out the flower garden I made for her.  

And with her four year old zest for everything she told me she loved it and then requested some ladybugs and a sunflower.  

This new found craft bravada has turned me into a creative tornado.  My craft to do list includes but is not limited to: knitting plastic bags, and I am feeling something regarding old baby clothes and canvas.

I will keep you posted on the progression.

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