Saturday, June 27, 2009


I feel that I have abandoned the blog. But for the past two weeks I have been consumed by Stephenie Meyer's saga of Edward and Bella. I have read all four books and have moved onto her website to read Midnight Sun, which, if you have read the series and haven't checked this one out, please do. (Thank you, Jennifer, mi prima favorita) It is Twilight from Edward's perspective. I will also admit(begrudgingly), that I have gone back and am re-reading Twilight. Since I barreled through all of the books because I couldn't help myself, I went back to take it in a little slower and really digest the novel.

When I haven't had my face in a book, I have been proofing and editing some Australian teen survey, which if the 200 page Word document and the 2800 responses in a spreadsheet weren't daunting, the fact that I had to learn a new form of the English language was. I don't know if my "employer" will be pleased, as there were words that I genuinely couldn't tell you if they were misspelled because I didn't even know they were words!

Couple all of this with two kids, a dog, a house(that has been TOTALLY neglected), a husband, and a head cold, and, well, something had to give.

But alas, I am back and have some thoughts up my sleeve, so stay tuned.


  1. You just totally made my day! We were on our way out the door and I took a quick peek at your blog and now Eric is worried that we'll never leave. Yay Midnight Sun!!!!! Edward is back!

  2. I knew you'd like it! too bad its not finished - hopefully she will publish the rest. Just heard that the Sookie Stackhouse series is pretty good too - its the one that HBO's True Blood was based off of. Its more "adult" than the twilight series.