Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cranky Pants

As of late I have been accused of being cranky, which only makes me more cranky.  So today, when asked pointe blank, if I am cranky, I looked my husband in the face and said, very clearly, "Of course I'm cranky."

I am not sure when I last had a full night of sleep.  Between being pregnant with the Bro, Natalie climbing into my bed at the ungodly hour of  4am, and now with the Bro Bro, who has decided it would be fun to wake up every two hours from 10pm to 5am at which point it is just fun to be awake and noisy from 5am to 7am, at which point Dan's strategic snoring kicks in to block out the noise.  It has been well over a year that my sleep has not been interrupted, and this inevitably leads to being cranky.  That's right, my lack of sleep has finally caught up with me, and now I am cranky.

I have made some not so subtle comments about wanting one night of uninterrupted sleep.  Just one - to recharge.  I mentioned that for my birthday I just wanted some sleep; I mentioned for Mother's Day I just wanted some sleep.  And I mean some Tylenol PM induced eight hours.  Needless to say, neither of these wishes have been granted and, therefore, I will continue to be cranky.


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