Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Barbie Bad?

I'm not really sure what got me thinking today. But having a very rare quiet moment, I started to wonder about this stigma that is attached to Barbie. Natalie's birthday is right around the corner, and I am back and forth on if she needs a "kids" party. I mean she is only going to be four. Which then led me to think about gifts that a four-year-old would recieve, and I think that is how I arrived here.

Other than her unattaibable proportions, what is so bad about Barbie? If she were size 16 Barbie, would that be a better toy for a young girl? She is beautiful. Is that bad? Or is it just bad becuase she is blonde and beautiful? If Barbie were brunette and beautiful, would it make a difference? She is ambitious. Is there a field that Barbie has yet to conquer? Is that bad? Is being Dr. Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, Lawyer Barbie a bad thing? There is no Real Housewives of Barbieville Barbie, so I guess I am confused why this new generation of moms are so against Barbie.

I had Barbies growing up. In fact, my cousin and I used to play for HOURS with Barbie, and I don't remember our pretend Barbie scenarios being bad. I don't ever remember staring at the sea of perfectly formed plastic blondes thinking, I wish I looked like that. I just remember hours and hours of fun with my cousin. Is fun bad? Is pretend bad? And if so, is it bad to play pretend with other dolls? Natalie has a Melissa and Doug dollhouse that came with little wood people, they too have figures that are unattainable, are they bad? The mom in that set wears an apron. An apron! What does that imply?

Natalie has shown no interest in the Barbies yet, but I feel that they are quickly approaching the horizon and here I am wondering, is that bad?

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  1. Please dont deprive Natalie of Barbie!! We did have HOURS of fun with her - and I dont remember ever wanting to look like her. although the subliminal messages were probably tucked away, only to resurface during the teen years... just kidding - i dont think she is bad.