Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Hour Late and a Day Ahead

On Monday, I sleepily rolled over to see that 1. there was a tiny version of myself laying next to me and 2. it was 8:50. 8:50! This is unheard of. The last time I slept that late was very early in the bro's life when I woke up, along with Natalie, at 6am to feed him and I made Dan get up and take care of the big sis so I could go back to sleep. I slept until 9am that day, and obviously will never forget that joy. We definitely needed the sleep after a weekend of traveling to New Jersey and Manhattan and to New Jersey and back to Massachusetts, but man did it throw our entire morning off! We rushed through breakfast to be able to go to the dry cleaner and the grocery store before we had to eat lunch and then take Natalie to school. I had no idea how essential that morning hour was to our lives.

Today I woke up and for the better part of the morning believed it to be Thursday rather than Wednesday. It was until we were racing against the clock - again - this time because I thought I had library duty at Nat's school which required packing a lunch for me, packing a little extra something for the bro, making sure I have a book to read since there would be a collective hour and a half of me waiting, that I was informed today was only Wednesday. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and thanked Izzy for giving me a day of my life back. However, I should have known today was Wednesday for the following reasons:

1. Yesterday we went to story time with Karen, which is our equivalent to Sunday Mass for religious churchgoers. Yes, my daughter and I worship the written word.

2. We watched our friends across the street leave for work/Nana's house and if it were Thursday, Natalie's BFF would have already been at school.

3. Dan did not put the garbage bins out for collection. (Which I actually spent much of my morning silently cursing for missing the garbage day again, because it's not like the man works 80 hours a week or anything...)

I must blame my current scatterbrainedness on the minimal amount of caffeine that I am currently allowed to consume. Clearly, I had no idea how essential that was to my entire functioning.

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  1. why are you not consuming caffeine? Something to tell us Mrs. Rabs?