Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's All Greek to Me

This past weekend my neighbor hooked me up to some machine that sends an electrical current from my right arm down through my right foot. The purpose being to test my basal metabolic rate (Dan for some reason loathes when I say this), toxicity, intra and extro cellular something or get the idea. I was just glad to have it printed on paper that I am actually not morbidly obese. I breathed a sigh of relief when she told me that I would have to weigh 232 at least before I would be considered obese. I have a ways to go, not that that is my goal. Quite the opposite. She works for a chiropractor who offers classes and consultations on how to detox you body. So since Monday I have eaten no processed sugars or preservatives. Other than the fact that I can only have one cup of coffee in the morning, which she begrudgingly allowed, it really isn't that difficult to follow.

I need to consume one serving of dairy a day and the plan suggests Greek style plain yogurt. So I packed the kids up and we headed to to grocery store to stock up on beans, veggies, and Greek style yogurt. Now I have used Greek style yogurt in recipes, but I have never actually sat down and eaten 6 oz of it. So there I am, standing in front of the case of yogurts and there are four choices: Stoneyfield Farms Oikos, which the fact that the name sounds similar to "oink" would normally turn me off, but I put it in the cart anyway, Brown Cow's aptly named Greek Yogurt, straight and to the point, I like it, in the cart, Chobani, who by far has the prettiest packaging, in the cart, and Fage, which I don't think anyone who is not Greek actually knows how to pronounce. Is it fah-hey or fahsh, I don't the cart.

I am like America's Test Kitchen now and doing the taste testing for anyone who thinks they may be interested in consuming Greek style yogurt.

The first one I tried was the Stoneyfield Farms, the container was quickly recycled which is why it is not in the photo. But it was find. Heavier than a Dannon plain yogurt and tart, if I were allowed any sugar a little honey would go a long way.

I wanted to save the Chobani for last since I had decided it would taste the best because of the packaging. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Bleh! I shouldn't say bleh, if you are looking for a sour cream alternative, this is your plain yogurt. Literally, I ate 6oz of pseudo sour cream. It was gross!

After my Chobani experience, I decided to just use the Brown Cow as sour cream and paired it with half a sweet potato (my category 2 vegetable) Much like the Stoneyfield Farms, it was very much a more American yogurt consistency, BUT I think that Greek style yogurt as sour cream is a much better way to consume it.

So that leaves on the unpronounceable Fage. Again, I had a mouthful of sour cream, which when you know you are consuming sour cream is much better that eating yogurt only to find that it tastes like sour cream. However, with that said, I had gained wisdom from the Chobani debacle, so I didn't make the same mistake twice and I mixed it will berries.

There you have it my eight faithful readers. Spare your taste buds and buy some Yoplait Whips.

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