Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keep Your Friends Close

At our impromptu Chinese/apple picking bbq on Monday, over pureed peas and carrots, Izzy and I were talking, well I was talking and Izzy was listening, about the dinner Dan and I had the previous night.

Sunday evening was a great first, of I hope more to come, dinners with our neighbors from across the street. We had, what I thought, was great conversation over candlelight and wine, but I drank a lot of wine, so my memory of the whole night could be fuzzy. Anyway, my new friend and neighbor was sharing with me her spiritual beliefs, which I always find interesting, because I don't really know what mine are. I like to be in the know. I like to understand that which is unfamiliar to me and as I was sharing with Iz about our dinner, she interjected to say, "I just see you there Kristen, sitting at the table, swirling your glass of wine in one hand, saying with true sincerity, 'Tell me more about this spiritual path you are on." (That is totally not a quote, but a definite paraphrase.) I had to laugh, because Izzy hit the nail on the head. That was EXACTLY what happened.

I think my new friend and neighbor may have thought I was patronizing her, I am not sure, as I mention, there was a lot of wine involved. But when I recapped to Iz, and she could perfectly vision the night, I felt very lucky to have this new friend across the street to share her life and this old friend with whom I have already shared so much life.

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