Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pride & Joy

I used to work with a woman who is the mother of two girls and she would always refer to them as her, her pride and joy, and then continue to explain to me how one was her pride and one was her joy. Of course in listening to her, I understood what she was saying, but I didn't really get it. But now that I have two of my own, I TOTALLY get it.

I have this little man who is happy 98% percent of the time. No joke, he cries only when he is tired. (Having said that publicly he is guarenteed to cry all day tomorrow for no reason whatsoever.) And he is super chill. Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Manhattan, and he was content to sit in the high chair and eat borscht and spanikopita. And when he isn't trying ethnic delights, he wakes up with a smile and his happy to watch his kooky sister dance around the house all day. Joy.

And Thing 1, well, she is certainly my pride. We spent this past summer learning a new "SAT" word each week. Now that she is back at school, we do more playing at home and less hardcore learning. But this past weekend, as I was reading her Little Red Riding Hood, there was a phrase of words which all began with "w". I asked her, "Natalie, what is it called with you have a few words in a row that all begin with the same letter?" She ummed for a little, and with a big smile on her face, "Aziliation!" It was good enough for me. And when she isn't being a four year old English prodigy, she is just being a good, nice, fair kid. Pride.

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