Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nostalgia and Natalie's First Day of School

I know that it is January 1st that is supposed to bring the new year, but for me I have always measured this year and last in terms of a school year. So when the mornings started below 65 degrees and the evening darkness started creeping up on us around 7:15, I felt the pang in my heart of school years past. I remember the anticipation of being able to wear those special, brand new clothes that were purchased just for that year, which really weren't going to be weather appropriate until maybe mid-October, but I would try them all on the week before school started anyway.

There is something about the smell of early September that takes me right to the start of every school year, and I breath deeply and remember them each like a little movie in my mind. This time of year makes me miss high school soccer nights at La Trenta Field, college hikes to drunken frat parties, and they were hikes out of the woods into the civilization of campus and beyond...and they were certainly drunken in an effort to convince our bodies they were warm. It reminds me of my first year teaching, the best year teaching, that which I miss the most.

For the time being, it would seem that my school days are done, sort of. This week marked a new school year milestone and my baby girl began her first week at Oak Meadow Montessori School. And it was when I watched my all too well adjusted four year old trot off with a boy, a boy! Wearing a Pats jersey, no less, that I was actually saddened that our loooooonnnnnngggg summer days together would be ending. But on the flip side, it is a whole new wardrobe to look forward to.

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